Monday, February 4, 2008

Skirt Portfolio 1: Bargains at Ballentynes

There is a famous Ballentynes in Christchurch, New Zealand (J Ballantyne & Co Ltd), but that's NOT the store I'm introducing here.

This Ballentynes is a chain of ladies clothing stores in the lower North Island (plus several stores in Auckland). They honour the Sabbath (no Sunday trading) and offer a good range of skirts and button-up shirts.

If you are out of reach of a store, you can browse and purchase online at (you will also find store location details here). Or if you see something online that your local store doesn't have, just ask and they'll send to another branch for it. They'll do the same if they don't stock the size you want.

Dannevirke's store is run by Gabrielle Schmidt, a lady with a wealth of fashion experience who is knowledgeable in what garments suit your shape and colouring and happy to give advice. If you're looking for a certain outfit for that particular occasion, explain your requirements and she'll help you find what you need. (I love living in a small town!)

The annual summer sale is in progress at Ballentynes and my mother came home with some gorgeous garments to take her through her year as the wife of the Lions Club President. I figured I'd better go back in and see if they had any shirts yet that both fit and cover me. I was glad I’d waited – I found several lovely items, and at reduced price, too. (You’ll see these shortly.)

So here’s a TIP: don’t settle for something less than what you’re looking for. Save your money and go back for another visit. Clothing stores are constantly updating their stock. Keep looking and you’ll find what you want.

Remember, if you like the look of a skirt here, right click on it and save it to your Portfolio.

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