Friday, February 22, 2008

Modest Bridal Collections

In America:

A treasure trove of seriously adorable and stunningly beautiful gowns is to be found at

Most of their pictures are copyrighted, so you can’t copy from their website to your Portfolio, but I’m sure once you get there you’ll want to grab a gown, not just a picture!

I’ve been collecting pictures a long time and this was the most colourful and femininely pretty collection I’d seen up till then.
Beautifully Modest's range encompasses bridal, prom, and day dresses, so there’s sure to be something to suit you. Most of these pictures are from the prom collection -- they seem to be more protective of their bridal wear.

I have inquired whether the purchaser may make specifications regarding sleeve length and height of hem and neckline, but haven’t heard back from them yet. The bridal range does include several designs with elbow- and full-length sleeves.
A similar range can be found at (see below). Photos are readily available from this site.

In Australia, I found: (next 2 images)

At A Touch of amongst hundreds of white contortions, I found this treasure:

In New Zealand, I found:

Venus Bridal Venus designs are available globally. Their website provides a store locator. The following 5 images are from Venus. and (next 2 images) offer designs which have possibilities. A little more sleeve, a little more bodice, in a less transparent fabric, and you’d have a lovely gown. See Finding a Modest Wedding Gown for options on how to achieve this.

NZ couturier Robyn Cliffe (below)...

...and USA industry giant (next 2 images) also have some possibilities that could be adapted.

The above information was gleaned from a mere toe dip in the Bridal Sea. Please, if you love bridal window shopping, let visitors to Boutique Narelle benefit from your time/ability – apply for the role of Bridal Specialist.

I have been collecting or reviewing bridal magazines for some years, and have amassed a hugely fat folder of modest gown ideas. Most of those designers no longer offer my favourites in their collection, but one, surprisingly, does. The above design, Cerys, is by UK company Love Couture. They still make it -- happily for our British friends!

Cerys by LoveCouture was the source of the above Concert Gown a seamstress made for my Town Hall soloist debut last March. (More pics at Songuine. Miss Photographer, where are you? These photos don’t do justice to this gown!)

In subsequent posts, I will show other ideas for formal occasions, some thanks to the many beautiful, modest lassies who participated in Genevieve’s wedding celebrations. Until then,
Modestly Yours,

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