Friday, February 29, 2008

Genevieve's Wedding continued

Today Genevieve is getting acquainted with her new home while we continue the review of her wedding. Here, then, is an examination of the virginal garments of Genevieve’s maiden daughters.

They wore delustered satin, a happy choice if you want to avoid the creases for which satin is known. Some of the girls were in cream and others in oyster, because Spotlight didn’t have enough of either colour for all the dresses to be the same shade. You are looking at about 40 meters of fabric.

Genevieve explained to Charmagne the sort of style she wanted for the girls, they drew some pictures together, then Charmagne took the measurements of an unsuspecting young maiden-to-be, drafted the first pattern, and stitched the first dress to test the pattern.

Charmagne says, “Soon after this, Genevieve hosted an afternoon for the 14 girls at which she asked them to be her maiden daughters and showed them the complete maiden dress. You should have heard the squeals of delight and seen the smiles as they lined up to have their measurements taken! Their mothers were already ‘in the know’ and each girl had a mother, aunt, or grandmother who kindly sewed her dress.”

The simplicity of the design was set off by a single row of textured ribbon at the high empire waist, with a neat wee bow at the back. I was amazed at how perfectly the ribbon blended with and yet enhanced the fabric. Charmagne explains, “When we were putting together the trial dress, I looked through the rolls of ribbon and lace which I have collected over time and (God is so good) I found one which matched well and had about 12 meters left on it – JUST enough!”

The 14 Maiden Daughters walked the aisle two by two, formed an honour guard on the dais behind the bridal party, and at the reception worked very hard indeed ensuring the guests were well supplied with drinks and snacks and later keeping the tables cleared of used plates. They looked charming (and uncreased) the whole time, and made quite a traffic stopper when they waltzed about the city together.

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