Friday, February 22, 2008

Finding a Modest Wedding Gown Fit for a Princess

How does one find a modest bridal gown that still makes you feel like a princess?

In brief:
• Don’t be afraid to go international with your modesty search. Browse the online galleries.
• Ask the bridal salon if they are willing to adapt a design to your specifications, such as raising the neckline of styles like these from in Australia.

• If they say no or are too expensive, right click on the picture you like and save it.
• Contact a local designer/seamstress and ask her to bring your picture to life.
• Found a nice pattern in a sewing store? Grab it. Fashions vanish away…it will be gone next season.

In the past 3 weeks I have spent hours surfing online bridal stores in several countries. Mountains of dresses, very few modest gowns. I did find a handful of sites, details of which you will find in the Modest Bridal Collections post, but Boutique Narelle needs someone to do a comprehensive regional search in this high demand area of modest dressing. Would you like to be a Bridal Specialist for Boutique Narelle? Check the application details in the Job Vacancies post.

Another way you can help prospective brides is to share how you found a modest bridal/formal gown. Did you purchase a ready-made gown, buy a pattern and make it yourself, or find a picture and a designer? Send your picture and/or photo of your gown to and tell us about it.

This is Andrea. She lives in Australia. She and her sisters Danielle and Lauren had a huge hassle finding modest bridalwear when they were planning her wedding. They found a lot of the Latter Day Saint bridal stores helpful for ideas, but of course they're in the US. Andrea and Lauren ended up finding a picture of one they loved and then drafting the pattern themselves. It turned out BEAUTIFUL, Danielle says.


SDavid said...

Fabulous collection.I have little bit confusion to selecting wedding gowns for my Fiancee.Anyone have an idea for your wedding....

Boutique Narelle said...

I'm sure your fiancee has a good idea what she wants. =)She'll at least know what she doesn't want, and that's just as helpful. Knock out the Not Wants one at a time and one day you'll be left with the one she does want. There are lots of modest bridal options promoted on Boutique Narelle. Have a browse through the Bridal and Formal sections. All the best!

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