Friday, January 4, 2008

Closet Tips - Hangers

Got wardrobe hang ups?

Here are some ideas for simplifying your storage and laundering problems.

Invest in sturdy wire or plastic hangers with loop notches. Two or three pairs of trousers can be draped over the rail, or you can hang a couple of skirts by their loops. Loop-hanging skirts and full length slips can also be hung over the neck of the hanger.

Sew hanger loops into your skirts (see illustration). Affix them hanging downward, inserted in the waistband seam or stitched to the side seams.

I use cotton tape (see below) which can be purchased in rolls of black or white in varying widths. I prefer the 25mm width for winter-weight garments.

This means if you don’t have a clip hanger handy you can hang the skirt on a regular hanger or a hook or doorknob. Very useful if you’re functioning outside the home or traveling. The photograph below shows a pinafore, a skirt, and trousers hung by this method.

The blue-check stretch polyester pinafore was too heavy to be hung by the shoulders, and too long to fit in my wardrobe.

The solution to both problems was to stitch sturdy hanger loops (25mm cotton tape) on the inside to the side seam at the top of the pockets. When on the hanger, the bodice hangs down inside the skirt, keeping most of it uncreased.

If clip hangers make unsightly impressions in the fabric of your skirt, turn the skirt inside out before you hang it. This will be especially helpful if your skirt is made of corduroy, velvet, or similarly textured fabric.

Coat hangers are also an excellent way to hang laundry. We have a curtain wire strung across one wall of our wee laundry, with enough dangle room for long dresses. They are laundered using a delicate wash, hung from the wire on a hanger, and given a gentle tug in places they are likely to crease, such as the button placket and sleeves. They usually dry overnight and need little if any pressing. And no peg marks or bird droppings!

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