Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Floral Cotton Dress with Criss-Cross Side Ties

This floral Indian cotton has served me faithfully for years, a practical, pretty, multi-season outfit. When new it was probably twice the colour intensity you see here. I had to retire the dress this past winter so I could get a photograph of it before it disintegrated entirely.

I saw the style on a girl at a student convention, determined to make myself one like it, and went hunting for the pattern. She had contrasting side ties, but I doubt she had the trouble I had in making them. I used a chunky cord, which was not a wise choice. Flat, self-fabric ties would have been far easier to insert into the small width of the darts that form the only shaping feature of the dress. Even with careful tacking, it took multiple tries before I got the ties and the tie loops all at the same angle within the dart.

However, I like this side-tie feature very much (and would make it again) because it allowed me to adjust the dress to the most comfortable shape each time I put it on. If you are prone to gaining or losing weight suddenly, you like extra room after you've eaten, or you’re pregnant, this is an ideal design for you.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Please be aware that pattern styles move through the stores as speedily as garments do, so while Simplicity may not stock this number any more, you may be able to find something similar by browsing their website or any of the other brands at www.SewingPatterns.com.

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