Friday, November 30, 2007

Rash Vests

This is a rash vest, also known as a rashie or Rashguard. They were designed to protect the surfer’s skin from board rash, wetsuit irritation, and exposure to sun and wind.

Mrs Katrina Peake says, “I strongly encourage, no matter what style of swimwear gals decide is appropriate for them, that they have at least lined if not inbuilt support. There’s nothing like a slight chill to cause bumps in the fabric, which can be rather obvious no matter how "modest" the rest of the garment!!! Either that or keep your arms crossed or a towel handy at ALL TIMES! =)

“I bought my rashie off, brand new, normally NZ$80 but I got it for $23 + postage – I think it was $28.50... It covers me, is slimming (just what a young mum needs!) but "fashionable", and combined with board shorts and a black maternity bra – my baby Scott and I are ready for a day at the beach!!!! =)

"Rashies are probably a good thought for pregnant ladies still keen to swim (it's very good for you and baby). I haven't actually tried it, but the only thing available for pregnant togs – as far as I'm aware – is 2 piece outfits that have tiny pants and floating tops; not what most dictionaries would define as "modest"! I got a $10 suit from the Warehouse at end of season, and streeeeetched it a little, so next time will try stretching my rashie, I think!” is an online auction site open to Australians and New Zealanders. America’s primary auction site is This company has an Australian branch, Search for rash vest, rash, and rashie – I got different results for each. Set up an automatic daily search and you could find yourself a shirt for just a few dollars.

If you are not yet a member of the auction site you visit, be aware that it could take a week to process your membership. You cannot buy or sell until you are an authenticated member. TradeMe requires a security deposit of NZ$10 to open your account. This is to cover costs of listing items for sale. If you are just buying, your deposit remains untouched.

Stores selling rash vests on

TradeMe trader "cmpleteoutdoors" sells the Adrenalin brand and claims it has a lifetime warranty. “Each size is generously cut to allow for a comfortable dry fit and has extra length to prevent ride up. It is robustly constructed to last season after season.” Their NZ website is found at

TradeMe trader "higheta" sells Australian brand Radicool, which has elbow length sleeves (see illustration) and a loose fit. I googled for Radicool’s home store and found which has an exciting range of rash vests including one with full length sleeves (prices listed in US$). They also stock knee length sport shorts.

Online Stores:

C Wear Australia, Australian-made swimwear found at They have a New Zealand freephone number. Their USA store is found at

If you’re researching overseas products, an extremely useful site to have on your browser tool bar is this currency calculator:
It gives you an instant translation at the current rate for whatever currencies you choose.

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