Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Petrel Satin Skirt and Blouse

I found this blouse at Farmers Department Store for an end-of-season discount. (EziBuy* is offering the same style this season in black and magenta.) It comes with a tie belt at the waist. I jettisoned this, and readjusted the sleeve buttons so the sleeves didn’t gape. I also unpicked a portion of the hem so I could realign the side seams for a better fit over my hips. My being “hipless” means overblouses poke out at strange, empty angles from me where most women have fill. These small tailoring details can make a big difference to the neatness of your outfit.

This skirt is not, contrary to appearance, in existence yet. What you see is just a classy drape pinned on a mannequin. I am still working on the pattern to create that classy drape. However, once it’s been cut and stitched, you can be sure I’ll post a photo of the completed article and how I did it. The fabric is a heavy satin jacquard used for upholstery. I’ve set the grain on the cross which allows the fabric to catch the light, bringing the leafy design into relief.

* www.EziBuy.co.nz or www.EziBuy.com.au


Cherrypie said...

I think the second, light blue, outfit is pretty classy!

Narelle Worboys said...

I'm glad you like it, Cherie! Once I've got it suitably recorded in photographs, I'll be putting it up for sale. Perhaps on TradeMe?

I intended the tunic to be size 10 but the pattern and crinkle cotton fabric disagreed with me about this, so it's really a size 8. There is a white cotton shift to go underneath. The low-waisted, fitted pants are women's size 10, but the waistband may be let out to size 12 or could be taken in to size 8. The shawl is hand-fringed with pearl beading. You'll see these details and more when I get my camera team. =)

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